Bridge Over Centuries

                              Мост через века

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The author gratefully acknowledges the encouragement, help, advices, confidence and time of:

  • Sonia Edwards, daughter of Nicolas de Gradmaison, her cousin Irene Lance
  • Mike Perry, University of Letbridge archivist,
  • Josephine Mills, director/curator, Fred Greene, Administrative Manager, Juliet Graham, Registrar of University of Letbridge Art Gallery
  • Dawn Cain, Curator of BMO Corporate Art Collection
  • Laurie Carmount, Curator of Agnes Jamieson Gallery
  • Jennifer Nicoll, manager of collections of Etherington Art Centre
  • Sheila Robertson, Communications Coordinator, Donald Roach, registrar of Mendel Art Gallery
  • Baiba Pazane, chief archivist of National  Archives of Latvia
  • Elina Riemere, librarian of Cecis Central Library
  • Jessica Stewart, archivist of National Gallery of Canada
  • Karen and Brian Harris, MaryAnne Myers, relatives of Annette Brunelle
  • John DesRochers, painter
  • Valerie Ossipoff, daughter of architect V.Ossipoff
  • Bob Liljestrand, architect
  • Patricia Polansky, Dore Minatodani, librarians of Hamilton Library, University of Hawaii, Manoa campus
  • Nadegda Emelianenko, National Museum of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic
  • James Kaminowski, Linda Eddy, University of Manitoba Archives&Special Collections
  • Lorraine Krahn, Mayberry Fine Art Gallery
  • Sophie Lavoie, Loch Gallery
  • Gloria Romaniuk, Archives of Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg
  • Brian Petrenko, friend of Mol's family
  • Mike Grandmaison, photographer